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On demand only


Sculptural Pendant; This drop shaped pendant is intented to be worn closed. Once you take off its clasp holding hat, the first layer of forged petals drops down to expose the interior in a «Fabergé» manner. These inner petals are shaped and toothed in the essence of a carnivorous plant which holds a hummingbird prisoner. Those are made from a casting lace experiment.

Continuing education GALA – Montréal Jewelry School Excellence Award 2016 - Opened creation
+ the ‘Coup de coeur’ Award - 2016

    On Demand
  • Metal Type9.25 silver – 14K yellow gold
  • PEARLS ROSÉCultured: 3mm and 1.5 mm
  • HandmadeReady to wear sculptural
  • Close4.5 cm high x 3 cm wide
  • Open8 cm wide